Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dear MB Selangor and MACC,

1. Forget that people generally have a healthy respect of their own intelligence.

2. Forget that people normally use their intelligence to decide whether they like or dislike your organisation.

3. Look at your miserable polls and ratings. You cry.

3. Pick up the phone and call a PR consultant.

4. They will massage your ego, telling you that OBVIOUSLY you are competent, ethical and efficient! People just don't understand you. You are diagnosed as the OLDEST TEENAGER in the world.

5. Convinced by Dr. Spin to have a PR campaign, you now actually tell people that WE WILL CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION.

6. How do you think joe public will react? Open their minds to your message or become even more suspicious?

7. So you pay the PR boys/girls to start the campaign. Websites, Facebook sites, Twitter, radio ads... blogs, etc. At least you now have ACTIVITY to compensate for your actual lack of success.

8. Finally, you wait in your comfy chair, twiddling your fat fingers. Waiting anxiously for your public perception to hit the stratosphere of popularity. The PR Witches jump back on their broomsticks, and cackle like banshees all the way to the bank.

And you say the people are naive.

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