Tuesday, June 22, 2010


1. Write a blog. Topic? Whatever...
2. Publicise it amongst friends whom you consider open and tolerant of your eccentricities.
3. Get disappointed when barely anyone registers.
4. Remind close friends and loved ones that they have not become followers yet.
5. Listen to their pathetic excuses and bold-faced lies ad nauseaum ad infinitum - "...Oh, man, the internet connection was REALLY bad..." and "... I wanted to, but forgot the url, What was it again...?" and "...What is a blog?..."
6. Repeat step 7 again and again.
7. Resort to emotional blackmail.."It was you who told me that I should blog my ideas and thoughts."
8. Hear him/her reply, "Yes, Taufiq. But I didn't know how dull your writing could be. Please stop."

Well, I shan't stop. In fact, with a late introduction, please allow me to recommend my 2nd ignored blog, called The Sinners Almanac, which is clickable on the picture. Its all about sinners and sinning. Dirty as porn and delightful as poetry. For the discerning mind, much like you, my intelligent and oh-so good-looking readers.

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