Thursday, June 17, 2010


1. Get elected into Federal / State Government.
1. Hire consultants to jive up your administration with 'an initiative'. Preferably with a catchy slogan and general enough so that no one can really criticize.
2. Opposition fails to land a shot because the slogan is successfully vague and politically-correct.
3. However, administration also fails to appear 'cutting edge' because the initiative is too grey and remains drifting in the peripheral consciousness of electorate. We however get a lot of signages. Leaders begins to believe own spin and thinks the nation-wide use of logos / symbols / soundbites of the initiative is reflective of majority support (or at least sympathies)
4. Grassroots blame Leaders for being unresponsive to their complaints.
5. Leaders blame grassroots for not being responsive to Leaders' initiatives.
6. Grassroots believe that Leaders are unconnected to the silent majority.
7. Leaders believe that Grassroots are the one unconnected to the silent majority.
8. Incumbent party calls for election one year before the end of its 5 year term.
9. Encumbent party OR opposition party wins.
10. Political malaise continues, because even though there is ALWAYS a WINNER, the nation as a whole has lost the election. Again.
11. Repeat process from step 1.


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