Monday, June 14, 2010


How to recognise a ‘Sufi’(male)

1. Will answer yes and no to almost all questions.
2. Will not admit his pretensions of being a Sufi.
3. Able to appear humble and bragging at the same time.
4. Able to appear knowledgeable and ignorant at the same time.
5. Big fan of miswak.
6. Always wishes he carries sweets in his pocket 24/7. But never does.
7. Loves to listen.
8. Not so in love with obeying.
9. Big on ‘Kashaf’ (a technical term for gut feeling)
10. Loves women.
11. Loves perfume.
12. Suppose to love praying.
13. A connoisseur of good food.
14. A veritable vault of stories of the Prophets, Saints and Angels.
15. Not to mention some pretty indecent jokes.
16. Witty. Or at least he tries.
17. Generally concerned about his diet (but item 13 takes precedence).
18. Has a sentimental faith in human nature.
19. Has a pragmatic view of human failings.

There are more, I guess. Feel free to add. Hehehe.

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